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Our Educational Programs

At Flowers Daycare Center, we are proud to offer comprehensive programs for our students which are comprised of custom designed curriculum based on your child's age and level of development. Our instructors are certified by the State of Maryland's Department of Education, and are highly skilled to provide your child with the direction, guidance, and nurturing they need to get a head start on their educational careers.  Read below to learn more about our programs: 


Infant Program

A child's infancy is one of the most critical stages of development, as his/her brain is in its earliest stages of development and their growth occurs at a rapid pace.  Additionally, infants have limited communication skills and often express wants, needs, and desires through sounds, gurgles, expressions, and crying. Our staff is well equipped with the skills and experience needed to provide your toddler with a fun, loving, and nurturing environment that will compliment their growth. 

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We realize that infants experience many changes as they develop, relying on their caregiver to make them feel safe, nurtured, loved by touching and lots of hugs. We understand the importance of language and hearing sounds at an early age to help promote their language and communication skills. We are also congnizent of hte fact that infants develop at a very fast pace, and are exploring new ideas on a daily basis.


Our teachers are expertly trained in infant care, and embark on several activities throughout the day including puzzles, stacking blocks, reading, rhyme time, and other activities to help infants develop thier motor skills, sensory perception, and their communication skills. 


Toddler Program

It’s exciting to see how quick toddlers grow and develop, they're curious by everything around them. Our curriculum not only focus on their development but on the whole child, social-emotional, language and motor skills. At this stage, toddlers have a heightened sense of curiosity and become more aware of their surroundings and capabilities. They begin to expand their skills as they relate to playing, running, expressing feelings, following instructions, and overall communication.


DSC_6806tiny tots group picture toddler

Our toddler curriculum is centered around fun, hands on activities that allow the children to learn and explore the world around them while allowing them to experience the many changes happening around them. We also incorporate academic concepts including counting, shapes, letters, colors, and other learning tools while keeping a focus on fun-filled, stimulating activities.


Our toddlers love to create, innovate, and explore, so we focus our toddler activities around their creative and developmental skills. We coordinate a number of games and activities including arts and crafts, interactive games, and a number of engaging ideas that allow your toddler to learn and discover him/herself.

2 Year Olds

2 Year Old Program

The two year old stage is known as a time when your child becomes very rambunctious and self-aware. Often referred to as the "terrible twos", we prefer to call them the "terrific twos" because your child is truly at a terrific time in their development at the age of 2. We place an emphasis on allowing your two year old to explore the many discoveries they begin to notice at this age and showing them how they can best utilize these new discoveries at this critical stage in their growth and development. 

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For our two year olds, we utilize an interactive approach with the emphasis on development will be used along with the “Funshine Express” curriculum. The Funshine Express curriculum is a nationally recognized curriculum that takes a fun approach to learning and prepares children for school.. This program meets the Maryland Early Learning Guidelines and focuses on skills such as  math, science, memory, problem solving, communication, motor skills, and several other functions.


Our two year olds engage in fun and interactive activities and lesson plans which are designed to allow them to learn and explore all of the new skills they develop at this age. These activities include music, art, sensory experiences, and a wide range of activities that are sure to engage your two year old and help them to enhance their skill set while having fun and preparing for the world ahead. 

3-4 Year Olds

3-4 Year Old Program

Our three to four year old program is designed to offer your child a pre-k experience that will help them to prepare for school time, which is rapidly approaching at this point. We take pride in our ability to adequately equip your child with the skills needed to thrive and exceed in the early school programs, and we have a plethora of lessons and activities which are designed to nurture these skills while allowing your child to develop at a healthy rate. Our program places an emphasis on having fun while learning.

3-4 Year Olds.png


Our three to four year old program is a comprehensive pre-kindergarten curriculum which includes lessons on letters, words, fine motor skills, higher order mathematics, social skills, problem solving, and other skills that will allow your child to be well prepared for their elementary school career. In addition to the traditional curriculum, our three to four year olds love to engage in our extended curriculum which includes STEM, sign language, computer literacy, and foreign language lessons.


The teachers at Flowers Daycare Center provide a healthy balance of activities that are both fun and educational, and our three to four year old children are no exception. In addition to their lesson plans, they engage in actives such as tracing and drawing, matching shapes, learning addition and subtraction, engaging in scavenger hunts, and an entire catalog of engaging events. We ensure that our three to four year olds are offered a range of stimulating activities to keep them interested while feeding their intellect.

Additional Curriculum

At Flowers Day Care Center, we recognize the importance of exposing children to to thoughts and ideas that will challenge their thinking and help to shape and mold their intellect, and we offer a curriculum that reflects this philosophy. In addition to the traditional studies, we offer:


  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)


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Our 3-4 year old class is enjoying a fun-filled sign language lesson with their teacher, Mrs. Jackson. 

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