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Registration Center

We thank you for considering Flowers Daycare Center for your child's early development needs, and we are confident that you will be pleased with the quality of care we provide and our commitment to your child's future. Please follow our simple registration steps below and complete all required documents. Forms may be submitted in person or emailed to

Registration Steps

Step 1: Fill out enrollment form

Step 2: Complete health forms


All students are required to have the following forms on file with our office prior to their first day of enrollment:

Step 3: Review and sign these documents 

3-4 Year Olds.png

Additional forms and resources are available, exclusively for currently enrolled parents, at Our Parents' Resource Center.

Please ensure that all forms are thoroughly completed and reviewed to ensure your child's maximum safety and security. Our ability to respond depends on the information you have provided us. Additionally, we ask our parents to keep your emergency contact numbers updated at all times, as they are a critical resource in an emergency situation. Please keep Flowers Daycare Center aware of any updates or deletions to your emergency contact list so that we may act prudently and expeditiously in case of an emergency situation.

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